Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Wanted to wish all the silenced souls out there who've been homeless since this time a few years ago a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  Hopefully this message finds you all safe in real life, and with a new home for the virtual life ;)  There are still MMO options out there, and a few projects which have been gaining traction this past year.  Here's to hoping one of them brings us the end-game experience, recreating how it used to be for all us former SWG'ers!

Bye Bye nasties!

As of today, we should see a drastic, if not complete end to the forum bot-spam-ads that have been nagging at us for awhile.  My tnx to my trusty mod who has certainly earned his weight in gold for all his hard work in helping keep the forums clean!

In addition, several (100+) accounts were completely deleted from the system, many of which were already banned/blocked plus a couple new contenders.  If you feel you were "accidentally" included in that list, I appologize.  99% were accounts KNOWN to be spammers, or had email addresses the system recognised as a spammers address elsewhere (global listing of known violators).  The remaining 1 percent were accounts that had never been authorized.  Maybe a wrong letter in the email address thus no verification, but usually spam bots gone wrong, or waiting for a later day to come by and wreak havoc!  All should be good in the universe as of now ;)

And yes, I hate those registration verification systems, but it had to be done. 


Remember, always looking for good stories, memories, or continuations of swg life lived out in other places here!

Now more visitor welcome!

SWGMemories has been running strong, but we have realized a small short-coming!  In an effort to reduce spam and hack attempts, the entire forums area was locked down.  It was mentioned by one of our members that many people might feel there is nothing here at the site, because they can't even see the forum area, which is the meat and potatoes of the website!  We have changed this, and now welcome all guests to browse our entire forum area and view the conversations going on.  You will still need to create an account to post (it's free, just a precaution against spammers etc), so feel free to look around, and if you like what ya see, join in!

I'd also like to welcome Vetro_Radox as our first official Moderator.  It's slow goings for now, but who knows what the future holds.  If anyone else is interested still, drop a note here:

As always, thanks and enjoy the site!



Welcome to

NOTE:  ** Happy Holidays to all you SWG fans out there!  As mentioned in the forums, even though this is a new site, not much will be getting done during this time :)  Your patience and understanding is appreciated during these busy times!  Have a wonderful holiday!!  **


First off, thanks for stopping by. 

My SOE SWG forum name was (is, I guess still) exitrooster.  I'm just a guy who played SWG for 8 years and like you, was shocked that it came to an end, even with 6 months warning.

I was even more surprised to learn that SOE was/did/is going to pull the plug on the forums.  I admit, probably none of you know me, except maybe from those final posts, I didn't spend much time on the forums, at least not posting, and most the in-game folk I knew are long gone.  I played mostly with my son, which I'll share more about when this thing gets up and running.  Truth be told, I expected someone to step up before the SOE forums went down and do this, someone with lots of connections.  After reading countless posts, literally glued all day and night to the forums reading others' stories, I just felt after the forums there are locked, and eventually removed, that maybe there would be people wishing to have somewhere to continue SWG talks.  I really don't know if anyone will show up or not, and if they do if they'll take part in keeping the memories alive.  But my pledge to the world via this site is to keep a place where anyone is welcome to join, and participate as long as people keep coming.  You're welcome to share stories, continue journaling your adventures and "what if's", share pictures, videos, montages, whatever your heart desire; long as it's SWG related :)

     All I ask is you please be patient.  I'm real familiar with the in's and out's of Joomla (the CMS running this show), but I'm a little rusty on the new version, and while I can do graphics, I'm not the best (read I'm pretty slow but can get it done).  So this site is going to look ugly for awhile unless I get some graphical assistance in the template, hehe..  Please don't complain and/or gripe about how ugly or mis-matched things might be - It's not permanent.  Also, the host/plan this site is on might not be the fastest..  So if load times are slow, even painful, don't despair.  I will re-evaluate where it is stored and run from based on how much activity the site gets. 

     Thanks once again for stopping by.  Come back (frequently) and get ready to share your experiences with us!