Bye Bye nasties!

As of today, we should see a drastic, if not complete end to the forum bot-spam-ads that have been nagging at us for awhile.  My tnx to my trusty mod who has certainly earned his weight in gold for all his hard work in helping keep the forums clean!

In addition, several (100+) accounts were completely deleted from the system, many of which were already banned/blocked plus a couple new contenders.  If you feel you were "accidentally" included in that list, I appologize.  99% were accounts KNOWN to be spammers, or had email addresses the system recognised as a spammers address elsewhere (global listing of known violators).  The remaining 1 percent were accounts that had never been authorized.  Maybe a wrong letter in the email address thus no verification, but usually spam bots gone wrong, or waiting for a later day to come by and wreak havoc!  All should be good in the universe as of now ;)

And yes, I hate those registration verification systems, but it had to be done. 


Remember, always looking for good stories, memories, or continuations of swg life lived out in other places here!